Purchasers Usually Ask About:

  • What is the Construction Innovation Alliance?
    The Construction Innovation Alliance, or CIA, is an alliance of contractors, trades professionals, and labourers who believe that we can achieve greater individual success by working together. We are committed to sharing knowledge, sharing resources, and building a community of driven, like-minded professionals to offer you and your business support as you grow.
  • No, really. What is the Construction Innovation Alliance?
    The CIA is a web based platform that connects independent construction companies from across the GTA and provides our members with access to information, resources, and opportunities. We source and create a mix of content for our members that focuses on business management, site management, and trade(s) specific learning. We hand select event speakers and professional service providers who can offer our members the best advice in the simplest terms possible. We encourage our members to seek out opportunities to work together and foster regular opportunities to collaborate.
  • What services and opportunities come with membership?
    Presently we offer our members the following list of services:

    As we grow we are looking to add more services and opportunities in the following areas:

    If you have an suggestions for other services you would like us to offer, please contact support@constructioninnovationalliance.com.

  • Can I get these benefits without joining the Construction Innovation Alliance?
    To be honest, it depends. The CIA caters to small to medium size, independent construction companies in the GTA. Existing solutions include regional construction associations, regional small business associations, and unions. The challenge with all of these existing solutions is that they will meet some of the needs of our members, but not all. Regional construction associations offer general support to construction firms, big and small, so they cannot reasonably provide full support to small contractors. Regional small business associations like chambers of commerce offer general support to business with a greater focus on small to medium sized businesses but, lack the construction industry focus. Unions offer a mix of the benefits offered by regional construction associations and small business associations but, working with unions comes with its own challenges if your business isn’t well connected within the union, isn’t very big, or hasn’t been a member for very long. If a member has the time to actively participate in a regional construction association, a regional small business association, and a union, then maybe he/she can approximate the benefits the CIA offers. But, wouldn’t it be easier and take less time to join just one organization focussed completely on meeting the needs of your business and businesses like yours?
  • How much does a membership cost?
    There are several levels of membership to choose from. For details please check out our page.
  • How soon can I expect to reap the benefits of membership?
    Members can start to reap the benefits of membership in less than 30 minutes. Once you sign up you will be prompted to enter information about your company and create a company profile. Doing so allows you access to our member forum, gives you visibility in our member to member community, provides other members with context when answering your questions, and allows the CIA to gain a deeper understanding of our member base so that we can refine our offerings to better meet your needs.
  • How soon can I expect new services and benefits to be added?
    Regularly. We are presently working on securing new partnerships, vetting new professional service providers, and sourcing new resources that will deliver future benefits to our members.
  • What happens if I have an issue with my membership? What do I do?
    In the unlikely event that you have an issue with your membership, please email support@construcitoninnovationalliance.com. The more detail you can provide, the faster we can address your specific concern so please feel free to take screen shots and include them as attachments. If your questions are better suited for a phone conversation, then please call us at (800) - 889 - 6729.
  • Who can I contact with suggestions and recommendations for events, content, or discussions?
    We welcome any and all suggestions from our members and want you to know that we take them seriously. To demonstrate our commitment we are providing you with our President’s email address so that you know your suggestions will be looked at by a decision-maker. Any suggestions and/or recomendations can be shared directly with our President, Johann Boracks, at johann@consructioninnovationalliance.com. When making a suggestions please provide as detailed information as possible; including context (a little bit about your business and the main issue you are facing), a list of solutions you’ve already tried, and a quick explanation of why you are making this suggestion. Doing so will allow us to address your concern more directly.
  • Can I refer my friends and colleagues to the Construction Innovation Alliance?
    Of course you can! To make a referral, please follow the make a referral link and fill out the form.

Our Commitment to You

We commit to facilitating the sharing of knowledge between members, providing access to resources that can save time and money, and fostering a community that supports you because that is how we will meet our goal of of making independent construction companies more successful.