Welcome to the Construction Innovation Alliance

Our mandate is to help small construction companies succeed and grow.

  • Build a Network

  • Bid Bigger Jobs

  • Grow Strategically

  • Find Reliable Subcontractors

  • Share Resources

  • Save Time

  • Reduce Expenses

  • Decrease Risk

The Construction Innovation Alliance is a collection of construction related companies who have taken up a mandate to increase the profitability of small businesses in Toronto. This is achieved through the sharing of expertise and resources within a community of small business owners, employees and prospective clients. The Construction Innovation Alliance appreciates that small businesses face unique challenges, which can lead to underrepresentation and a restricted job market. We have created the CIA as a platform to face and overcome these challenges together. Join us as we work together to create a professional community, share resources, and assure individual success.

The Cornerstones of Our Vision

Our five Commitments

Working Together

Working together we can quickly achieve the size necessary to bid larger projects and reduce uncertainty in workflow.

Sharing Resources

Buying together provides us the scale needed to negotiate better rates on overhead expenses like insurance and employee health benefits.

Sharing Knowledge

Sharing experience and knowledge allows us all to learn best practices for managing personnel and working with other trades.

Building Community

Building a professional community creates networks for referrals and finding reliable subcontractors.

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Our Commitment to You

We commit to facilitating the sharing of knowledge between members, providing access to resources that can save time and money, and fostering a community that supports you because that is how we will meet our goal of of making independent construction companies more successful.

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